STILL LIFE. Josefina Guilisasti 1998 - 2010

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Texts by: Cecilia Brunson, Kevin Power
27 x 23 cm
263 pages
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ISBN: 978-956-862-707-2

Still Life recollects the works developed over more than one decade by Chilean artist Josefina Guillisasti, period in which she works a personal understanding of the still life genre; a perspective that incorporates less evident aspects in order to focus on certain components such as private and commercial stories, pilgrimages, discovered territories, colonizing stages, and development and exploitation of capital.

Guillisasti’s work represents in picture, from diverse points of view, objects such as jars, pots, cups, pans, teapots, porcelain birds and Persian rugs, translating their materiality: aluminum, enamel, porcelain and weaves. The format of Still Life modifies the representation of the work: what in exhibitions was a stage of series (each piece part of a total), is broken through the pages, since the represented objects are imposed to the reader in an individual form, with the idea to enable the individual approach to each paint.

The book is complemented with two texts by Chilean curator Cecilia Brunson, and writer, art critic, and English academic Kevin Power.

STILL LIFE. Josefina Guilisasti 1998 - 2010 - puro-chile

STILL LIFE. Josefina Guilisasti 1998 - 2010