Puro Chile is an Art, Architecture, Photography and Design publishing house that translates the work and vision of outstanding creators into books that become objects of art.

In its particular editorial method, Puro Chile generates a close collective work with authors, writers and designers,
 achieving exceptional, personalized and high-quality books; publications that expose the artistic universe and propose an experience with the works and artists.

Driven by persistence, experience and passion for transmitting knowledge, since 2004 the unique catalog of Ediciones Puro Chile travels to the hands of readers around the world.

Equipo Editorial

Directora Ejecutiva
Claudia Pertuzé


Isabel López


Colaboradora Editorial
Andrea Serrano

Jefa de Comunicaciones
Teresita Quezada


Director Creativo
Andrés Lennon


Consejo Asesor
Claudio Aravena
Alejandra Wood
Mathias Klotz
Mauricio Léniz

Coordinador Editorial

Benjamín Wilson



Comité Editorial
Miquel Adrià
Luis Izquierdo
Mauricio Léniz
Gerardo Mosquera
Iñaki Volante