Altered Views Exhibition Guide. Voluspa Jarpa

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Published by: Ediciones Puro Chile and Mousse Publishing
Edited by: Agustín Pérez Rubio
50 pages
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Altered Views gathers the participation of Voluspa Jarpa at the 58 Biennale of Art in Venice, in a publication by Ediciones Puro Chile and Mousse Publishing. Altered Views is an unprecedented research project that works as a cross-reference between various instances of European history from the XVII to the XX century, full of social manifestations, ethnographic searches and dominant powers, attempting to restore the conquered awe of the colonizer.

The project tries to bring back the European concepts of race, gender and power organization projected toward the non-European people. The book contains a general text by editor Agustín Pérez Rubio introducing each part of the project ("The Hegemonic Museum", "The Subaltern Portraits", and "The Emancipating Opera), and six different texts that comprise the cases of the exhibition.