Marcela Correa. Sculptures 1986 – 2015

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Texts by: Patricio Mardones, Smiljan Radić, Alberto Sato
Spanish / English
28 x 28 cms
136 pages
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ISBN: 978-980-6398-29-0

Marcela Correa, sculptor, graduated in Art at Universidad Católica de Chile. Her work is based on the various materials such as wood, stone and collected metal pieces that she combines, taking advantage of their own shapes and characteristics to achieve harmonious compositions that refer to the organic and the natural environment. Throughout her career, she has worked in partnership with the architect Smiljan Radić.

Among her exhibitions are: Sculptures (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Santiago, 1998), Natural Sintético (Natural Synthetic (Galería Animal, 2002), El Niño Escondido en un Pez (The Boy Hidden in a Fish) (XII Venice Architecture Biennale, 2010), Peso Muerto (Dead Weight) (Galería Animal, 2011), The Wardrobe and the Mattress (Hermes Tokyo Japan Gallery, 2013), and Difunta Correa (Galería AFA, 2014), Corral (Galería Patricia Ready, 2016). Her works form part of the collection of various museums and are located in public places. She has obtained important prizes among which Matisse stands out, awarded by the French Institute of Culture of Chile in 1992 and twice the Altazor prize in 2003 and 2007.

Marcela Correa. Esculturas 1986 – 2015 - puro-chile

Marcela Correa. Sculptures 1986 – 2015