Mouth full of silence. Alejandro Quiroga

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Edited by: Sigismond de Vajay
Texts: Kimberlee Cole, Pedro Donoso, Nathalie Goffard, Cristóbal Joannon.
23,5 x 18,5 cm
224 pages 
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ISBN: 978-987-45783-7-2

Mouth Full of Silence compiles a series of works made by the Chilean artist Alejandro Quiroga between the years 2016 and 2019, paintings that speak with their lights and shadows of a lost paradise, of a one must be recovered, and another that must be preserved; around different edges of Chilean landscape-nation, through portrayed places that reflect the results of man's action in the environment. As well as speaks of the transformation of Quiroga as an artist and as a person.

The publication includes texts by the art historian and curator Kimberlee Cole, the theorists Pedro Donoso and Nathalie Goffard, and the journalist Cristóbal Joannon. Who with their own point of view, they address themes such as landscape, neoliberalism and the journey through the territory, creating a poetic and acute analysis of the current state of Chilean geography and its transformation.

La boca llena de silencio. Alejandro Quiroga - puro-chile

Mouth full of silence. Alejandro Quiroga