Juan Grimm

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Edited by: Claudia Pertuzé
Published by: Ediciones Puro Chile
Texts by: Aniket Bhagwat, Juan Grimm, Mathias Klotz and Mitzi Rojas. Spanish/English
24 x 30 cms
300 pages
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ISBN: 978-956-9016-09-7

Juan Grimm stands out for his great domain of nature in all of its sizes. His designs emphasize in a persistent manner, the sublime character of nature, always incorporating his surroundings. Through the mainly use of native flora, Grimm creates startling textures in the scenery. Known as the most relevant landscaper in South America, his work has drawn attention for its productivity, having designed and built over one thousand acres of gardens, public and private parks throughout Chile, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay.

This publication introduces us to Grimm’s work from its history, narrated by himself, the process of thinking and planning landscaping, his inspirations, artistic purpose, the stories behind each project and their evolution on time. Through drawing and photographs, this volume presents a selection of representative works, from small gardens to big parks that illustrates Grimm’s 30-year trajectory.

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Juan Grimm