Housing in Amplitude

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Published by: Ediciones Puro Chile, Distanz y Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
Authors: Sebastián Preece, Olaf Holzapfel Texts by: Francisco Brugnoli, Gustavo Boldrini Pardo, Paz Guevara
17 x 24cm
196 pages
700 gr.
ISBN: 978-956-9016-04-2

Housing in Amplitude is the result of a collaborative project realized by the artists Olaf Holzapfel (Germany) and Sebastián Preece (Chile) in an extreme southern Chilean region such as Aysén.

The book reproduces the exploration and reinterpretation made by the artists, basing on the forms of inhabiting the territory of arrieros (muleteers) and peasants in this extreme territory, interweaving the modes of rural production with the modes of artistic collaboration. The traces found on the experiences of travelling and discovering the cultural landscape of the region, inhabited in the expansion of a territory apparently limitless have to do—as stated by Preece– with “different visual approaches, gazes to the houses, Patagonia, the terrains, how the human being has found his place there, how fences and wire fences divide and draw up the territory according to the relationship to animals, stockyards, great fires and seasonal shelters where the arrieros rest”. For curator Paz Guevara, “Preece and Holzapfel do recognize architectonical forms and follow their traces in the territory as a way of doing contemporary archeology.”

Housing in Amplitude - puro-chile

Housing in Amplitude