Aridity Exercises. Celeste Rojas

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Author: Celeste Rojas Mugica
Published: Ediciones Puro Chile y Casa en Blanco 
Graphic Design: Casa en Blanco
Text by: Martín Cinzano
Format: 17 x 24cm
Extension: 104 pages
Weight: 900 gr
Published in: 2023
Language: Spanish 
ISBN: 978-956-9016-15-8 
PVP: $25.000 

Ejercicios de Aridez (Aridity Exercises), is a publication based on a project developed by the artist Celeste Rojas Mugica between 2017 and 2021, which focuses on the monumental image of a disturbing curved knife.

In 2011, a woman, part of a group of relatives of victims of the dictatorship, received an anonymous envelope with information about the image of a huge curved knife -2 kilometers long- trazed with lime on the driest land in the world: the soil of the Atacama Desert.

The curved knife is an emblematic weapon of the Armed Forces in this region. It was used relentlessly in the execution of thousands of people, within the framework of a systematic policy of extermination and disappearance.

Celeste Rojas Mugica visits to the place where this elusive image is located and focuses her attention on an enigma whose authorship is unknown.

Aridity Exercises. Celeste Rojas

Aridity Exercises. Celeste Rojas