Unveiling the landscape. Teresa Moller

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Published by: Ediciones Puro Chile and Hatje Cantz
Edited by: Claudia Pertuzé
Texts by: Jimena Martignoni, Dan Pearson, and Michael van Gessel
30.5 x 38.8 cm
240 pages
3 kg
ISBN: 978-956-9016-0

Teresa Moller's architecture stands out for its size, the language, the particular vision of their projects. She does her work in perfect harmony with the environment, respecting and rescuing the essence of it, which makes her an outstanding artist.

This book captures the relationship that Teresa Moller makes with the landscape, architecture, nature and native flora. The way that she works from local needs of people, incorporating an aesthetic and functional sense, revalue the spirit and nature of that place.

From 1990, the diverse landscapes of Chile—from the Atacama Desert in the north to the Los Lagos region in the south; from the Pacific coast in the west to the Andes in the east–have serve as scenery for most of Moller’s projects. Diversity that has allowed to reflect the relationship that the artists establishes between landscape, architecture and native flora, carrying out with each project an unique result appropriate to its surroundings.

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Unveiling the landscape. Teresa Moller