Ascesis. Francisca Benedetti

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Published by: Ediciones Puro Chile
Texts by: Juan Yolin, Raúl Zurita
18 x 24 cm
56 pages
200 grs

Ascesis is the catalogue of Benedetti’s homonymous exhibition at HDLU (Croatian Society of new Arts), Croatia. It consists of a series of watercolors and pencil works, unfolding the geometric subtlety as the base and fundament of her work. A rigorous and delicate process of layers and strokes. The title Ascesis references the soul liberation process and the achievement of virtue through rules and constant practice.

About Benedetti’s relation with abstraction and spiritual ascension, the poet Raúl Zurita writes: “Equally taken to its extreme consequences, the geometric abstraction is a war of Ascesis, where the micro world of drawing is the exact double of the macro world of the universe. The connection of this way of knowledge with Francisca Benedetti’s work is evident, however; it seems that the closest connection is with Romanticism to the point of being a culmination of it.”

Francisca Benedetti (Santiago de Chile, 1977), Chilean visual artist, from 2008 has produced drawings and embroidery, alternating the formal strategies in such a way that needlework and drawing are contained at the same time on the surface. Her work has developed in a millimetric, intuitive and silent manner. Her work roots in geometry as rhombus, triangles, squares and compound figures.

Ascesis. Francisca Benedetti - puro-chile

Ascesis. Francisca Benedetti