2AM. Gabriel Schkolnick

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Published by: Ediciones Puro Chile
Texts by: Catalina Mena
28 x 30 cm
270 pag
2 kg
ISBN: 978-956-9016-01-1

Gabriel Schkolnick, after a long time devoted to photographic advertising, decides to create an independent work, becoming himself the client who commissions the production of a narrative that obsesses him. After years of his silent labor, we finally can enjoy it in this book. 2AM is a photographic catalogue of 60 small stories represented by 85 iconic characters of the local Chilean scene (Andrés Allamand, Ricardo Lagos Weber, Antonia Zegers, Florcita Motuda, Vivi Kreuzberg, to name a few), which shed their daily roles and assuming a foreign one, to interpret situations carried out between 2 and 3 AM.